In 2009, our more than 20 years' experience managing over 480 ha in Spain's Ribera del Duero and other wine-growing areas and our passion for growing grapes encouraged us to develop our own wine - 4,000 bottles full of hopes, dreams and fine grapes.

We wanted to experience for ourselves all the feelings that you get from crafting wine with the grapes you've raised with such tender loving care.

And we did it. We can experience our wines with all five senses: touching the clusters of grapes they come from; listening to them ferment; enjoying their aromas; seeing and tasting our bottles on a well-decorated table...

This is but the beginning. Our hopes and dreams for the future continue to motivate us to tend our vineyard and improve each and every day with a truly environmentally friendly spirit.




In search of the 100% grape wine

The wine we love starts with grapes with personality and is produced with the tender loving care of good grape growers and respect for the surrounding environment.

We also believe in innovation, which brings us the evolution so necessary in life.

And above all, wines that invite you to enjoy them.


The paths of the founding partners of this exciting project crossed almost twenty-five years and the core of our relationship has always been this exciting world of vineyards and wines.

We're both agricultural engineers by profession and vocation; we like the great outdoors, taking care of it and respecting it.


Enrique de Pablos, Commercial Manager, works as a consultant and advisor for winegrowing companies in matters of trade and quality. He brings tenacity, strength and spirit of improvement to Bodega Crayón with the aim of conveying the characteristics and properties of our wines to consumers. He's also responsible for promoting our wines abroad, as we learn to see the world globally while at the same making our product stand out.

Miguel Angel Alonso, Technical Manager, also consults for and manages vineyards and wineries. He puts all his passion and work into taking care of the vineyard and the wine-related operations in the winery itself.

And there's another essential part of this project: our family and friends who support us every day as we build this dream called BODEGA CRAYÓN.

Our Environment


TALAIA Crianza 2012 ha obtenido 91 puntos en la edición del Wine Enthusiast Importe Connection.

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