Ribera del Duero

Denominacion de origen Ribera del Duero

Viñedos Ribera del Duero

Unique vineyard · Rigorous climate · Complex soil

In the Ribera del Duero area, the grapevines have a unique way of expressing themselves in this extreme climate with a complex mixed soil.

The variety we make our wines from is Tempranillo, which is known locally as Tinta Fina or Tinta del País. It has a strong personality and is adapted to the climate and soil, quite different to the other areas of Spain.

We feel that our relationship with the grapevines should be conveyed to our wines.


Our current selection of production areas is located in the provinces of Soria and Burgos:

  • ALCUBILLA DEL MARQUES (Soria), where Ribera del Duero begins in the east. Centuries-old vineyards tended with care and effort. Areas with altitudes higher than 900 m.

  • PEÑARANDA DE DUERO, areas with old vineyards that are slow and late to ripen. A grape with a great personality

  • SAN JUAN DEL MONTE, vineyard in a poor area surrounded by authentic nature. It produces personal and powerful grapes.

  • GUMIEL DE IZAN, centuries-old vineyard that produces fine, subtle and aromatic grapes.
  • MORADILLO DE ROA, vines growing in a high-altitude wasteland, with complex, nicely acidic grapes

  • LA HORRA, a sure ripening area, medium altitude and deep soil bed
  • ROA, vineyard with medium-textured soils, grapes that require patient harvesting in order to achieve complexity

  • NAVA DE ROA, plots with warm soils, early ripening and good aromas

  • VILLALBA DE DUERO, plots with stronger soils, where the grape must wait on the vine in order to express all its potential


We seek out diversity in the vineyards with different soils, altitudes, orientations, but we also look for proximity to the grape grower, which helps us to care for the grapevines; we need the affection passed down from generation to generation by the vineyards that captivate them.

Mapa Ribera del Duero